Sunday, March 11, 2012

Some online publishing opportunities with the arrival of spring

I've been remiss in keeping up this blog the last few months as the winter was exceedingly busy, but I think I've emerged on the other side of all those projects and I'd like to ease back into it by highlighting some interesting online outlets. Many literary journals and publishers go into summer dormancy (some starting as early as May 1 in anticipation of the academic year's conclusion), so there's no time like the present to get some prose and poetry into editors' inboxes while they're still in reading mode.

Using recent notices from one of my favorite market reporters, Duotrope's Digest (of which I've written repeatedly), here are some venues that piqued my curiosity:

The mission of Brink Magazine is "to bring good literature and art to light." Established in 2007, the editors of this uncluttered and eye-pleasing online journal are interested in the usual literary fare in addition to criticism, interviews and translations. They are taking submissions through June 30, for this reading period, via a form within their own site.

Another interesting online possibility is Conte, a journal of narrative writing, which "aims to celebrate, explore, and expand the boundaries of both narrative writing and digital publishing." The journal's web designers definitely work at bringing digital artistry to each issue. The editors are currently reading for their summer 2012 issue and only accepting work through Submittable (formerly Submishmash). See their submissions page for links to helpful tips.

Another online journal worth checking out is milk magazine, which features a simple, straightforward and easy-to-read design. Submissions are being accepted now through August via email to milk's editor, Larry Sawyer.

Orion Magazine is an online outlet with a specialized focus which "lies at the nexus of ecology and the human experience." Its editors are looking for short fiction, essays, narrative nonfiction, and interviews, but no unsolicited poetry. See the magazine's guidelines page for a thorough description of what the editors are interested in -- but the current reading period closes March 16.

These are just a few interesting places to submit your work with the coming of spring. Check out Duotrope's Digest plus for a wealth of information on outlets that are currently reading.
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