Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some interesting outlets to consider

Taking advantage of Duotrope's Digest's weekly email update, I thought I'd highlight a few outlets that look especially promising for newer voices.

Here's a fledgling market to consider, especially if you're female: Adanna, "a journal for women, by women." Its homepage clarifies, however, that the journal is "dedicated to women ... [but] is not exclusive," meaning that men may submit material as long as it "reflect[s] women's issues or topics, celebrate[s] womanhood, and shout[s] out in passion." The online journal wants email submissions by April 31 for its debut issue, guest edited by Diane Lockward. Visit Adanna's homepage for complete submission details.

Here's another fledgling market that looks intriguing: Curbside Splendor, which publishes literary fiction and poetry "based on contemporary urban (and sometimes sub-urban) settings," according to their About Us page. Besides publishing work on a weekly basis on their website, the editors also publish a print journal, and from time to time chapbooks and novels. Their first issue is on sale here.

Write Right On is another fledgling online journal, but this one is based outside of the United States in Lebanon. The editors describe themselves as "a small writer's group involved with an Art space which is full of creative artists," and their mission is to "promote literacy in [their] community and the surrounding areas." They have very open guidelines, as long as the submission is under 5,000 words. Check out their current edition.

I thought I'd conclude with something a bit different: Pseudopod, "the world's premier horror podcast." Its homepage goes on to say that it "brings you the best short horror in audio form, to take with you anywhere." As one might imagine given the unique focus and format of the journal, the editors' submission guidelines are detailed, but well worth looking into if you write horror and would like to hear it via their "talented performers."

This is just a small sampling of the wonderful opportunities out there for publication. Check out Duotrope's Digest, but also my other favorite sources for outlets.

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